The Use of Liquid Nitrogen in St. Louis Laboratory Research


Cee Kay Supply, Inc. has been providing PurityPlus® liquid nitrogen for St. Louis-area laboratory use from the beginning. What makes this commodity so [[desi|[prefe]7]rable in such a wide range of laboratory activities – certainly as a refrigerant – is its capability of maintaining temperatures considerably lower than the freezing point of water.

An earlier blog we’ve posted discusses the use of nitrogen in food processing. In its compact, easily conveyable liquid form (which doesn’t demand pressurization), we offer it for such laboratory uses as …

  • cryogenics – involving the production and analysis of low temperature extremes and how materials react at such temperatures;
  • cryonics – the conservation of biological tissue (blood, reproductive cells, surgical samples, even human bodies) at uncommonly low temperatures in order to resuscitate them and reanimate them at some point in the future; also as a method of cryoconserving genetic materials;
  • energy storage (serving as a mechanism for it);
  • making various scientific detection instruments operate more effectively; and
  • achieving lower pressures in laboratory vacuum systems.

As a coolant, liquid nitrogen is commonly applied by the laboratories that count on us …

  • to effect superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors;
  • to conserve the liquid helium cooling systems of high-field superconducting magnets, for instance those used in nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers and magnetic resonance imaging systems, at an especially low temperature;
  • in cooling baths and other testing situations intended to cause especially low-temperature chemical reactions;
  • in vacuum-pump traps; and
  • in astronomy cameras that make use of CCD image sensors.

These examples, as all-inclusive as they are, hardly account for liquid nitrogen’s use in the laboratory. Our St. Louis customers quite often discover their own, unique uses for it, just as they do for nitrogen in its gaseous state – which, of course, we also provide.

The fact is, a growing number of scientific, medical, and industrial research facilities in these parts are depending on us for the PurityPlus® nitrogen and liquid nitrogen they need to reach their research goals. They’ve found us to be a trusty, ready source of these commodities. And they’ve come to depend not only on our having them when they need them, but also on their certifiable quality, our affordable prices, and the smart, personalized service of our people. Contact Cee Kay Supply, Inc., your St. Louis PurityPlus® Partner, today for every laboratory nitrogen and liquid nitrogen need.