PurityPlus Expands Capabilities

PurityPlus Gases evolved from straight-foward inquiry of industrial gases and the manufacture of certified gas mixtures, to a series of well-integrated production and quality systems to meet the needs of the industry. The customer has always been the driving force in the progression of the PurityPlus brand. The customer's requirement for increased accuracy and closer analytical distinction supports our extended growth. We’ll never know as much about your specific applications as you do, but we invite your input and are available to help you select the appropriate gases to give you worry-free, reliable results.
That’s why PurityPlus and Cee Kay Supply, Inc. serving St. Louis are delighted to announce we have bolstered our capabilities in EPA Protocol Gases, VOC series 14 and 15 gas mixtures with up to 63 components at 1 ppm and 100 ppb levels. To match your analytical needs, we’re also pleased to advise you about our ability to produce PurityPlus Research Grade 6.0 and PurityPlus Ultra Carrier Grade 5.5 Helium and Hydrogen, and PurityPlus Grade Ultra Zero Air.
Check our on-line catalog for exhaustive specifications… whether you’re utilizing Pre-Purified Nitrogen, Zero Helium, Ultra High Purity Argon or Research Grade Xenon, email us today or give us a call at 314.644.3500.