A Fuel Gas Alternative


St. Louis, Mo., April 13th, 2012 – With acetylene prices on the rise, new and improved fuel gases have become a hot topic in the welding and cutting industry. Cee Kay Supply has teamed up with Chemtane Energy and Victor® to produce an informative video campaign for one of its newest products, Blue Flame Plus.

Two separate videos were produced to help explain the benefits of Blue Flame Plus, a propane based cutting fuel. The first video focuses on cutting and heating applications and the second highlights using the gas for brazing and soldering.

Both videos feature the proper usage of Blue Flame Plus, and how making the switch from acetylene will be a cost-effective decision. Blue Flame Plus is a proprietary gas blend that is designed to provide greater levels of safety, economic value and performance when compared to acetylene.

The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of Blue Flame Plus and to outline the differences that exist when transitioning from acetylene. Specifically, the videos discuss cylinder differences, safety, lighting techniques and tip selection.

More information on Blue Flame Plus, along with the two newly created videos can be found here: http://ceekay.com/Gases/BlueFlamePlus.aspx.